"Sin is the Sickness of the Soul."

— Ray [formerly Wray], John (1627–1705)

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Printed for Samuel Smith
"Sin is the Sickness of the Soul."
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Secondly, We heal and cure our Bodies, when they are inwardly Sick, or outwardly Harmed: Sin is the Sickness of the Soul, Matth. 9. 12. They that be whole need not a Physitian, but they that be Sick", saith our Saviour by way of Similitude, which he explains in the next Verse, I am come not to call the Righteous, but Sinners to Repentance. For the cure of this Disease an humble, serious, hearty Repentance, is the only Physick; not to expiate the Guilt of it, but to qualifie us to partake of the benefit of that Atonement which our Saviour Christ hath made, by the sacrifice of himself, and restore us to the Favour of God, which we had forfeited, it being as much as in us lies an undoing again what we have done.
(p. 243)
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Ray, John. The Wisdom of God Manifested in the Works of the Creation. Being the Substance of Some Common Places Delivered in the Chappel of Trinity-College, in Cambridge. (London: Printed for Samuel Smith, at the Princes Arms in S. Pauls Church-Yard, 1691). <Link to ESTC>
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