"'O let not Reason's lamp be lighted here!"

— Fawkes, Francis (1720-1777); Menander (342-291 B.C.)

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"'O let not Reason's lamp be lighted here!"
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If to my choice indulgent Heav'n would give,
This life worn out, another life to life,
And say, 'Partake what form delights thee best,
'Be man again, again with reason blest;
'Assume the horse's strength, the sheep's warm coat,
'Bark in the dog, or wanton in the goat;
'For this is Fate's immutable decree,
'And one more being is reserv'd for thee:
To bounteous Heav'n I'd thus prefer my prayer;
'O let not Reason's lamp be lighted here!
'Make me not man; his only-partial race
'Holds vice in credit, virtue in disgrace.
'The steed victorious in the rapid course
'Eats food more dainty than the sluggish horse:
'Is there a dog, distinguish'd for his smell?
'No common dog will ever fare so well:
'The gallant cock that boasts heroic blood,
'Rakes not in dirty dunghills for his food;
'And should he strut among the feathered crew,
'Each conscious brother pays him honour due.
'Man, tho' of each accomplishment possest,
'Renown'd for valour, and with virtue blest,
'Gains from the heedless world no due regard,
'His worth no praise, his valour no reward:
'While fawning flatterers bask in Fortune's ray,
'Knaves that detract, and villains that betray.
''Tis better far thro' any form to pass,
'To crawl a reptile, or to drudge an ass,
'Than see base miscreants, Guilt's abandon'd crew,
'Enjoy those honours that are Virtue's due.'
(pp. 155-6)
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See Original Poems and Translations. By Francis Fawkes, M.A. (London: Printed for the author. And sold by R. and J. Dodsley, J. Newbery, L. Davis and C. Reymers, T. Davies, and by H. Dell, in Great Tower-Street, 1761). <Link to ESTC><Link to ECCO>
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