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Date: w. August 30, 1783, printed 1788

"I advised our Miss H--- to the same remedy, but have a notion her mind is haunted by one particular image; if so, nothing will cure her; for if the heart be broken 'tis broken like a looking-glass, and the smallest piece will for ever preserve and reflect the same figure till 'tis again ground d...

— Piozzi, [née Salusbury; other married name Thrale] Hester Lynch (1741-1821)

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Date: April 5, 1781, 1788

"Cultivated ground has few weeds; a mind occupied by lawful business, has little room for useless regret."

— Johnson, Samuel (1709-1784)

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Date: 1789

"Let any man of candour declare, whether the state of servitude and bondage, in which the poor are held both in France and England, does not merit the name of slavery, and justify the assertion of its universal existence at present, as well as the opinion of its having existed from the remotest a...

— Francklyn, Gilbert (fl. 1780-1792)

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The Mind is a Metaphor is authored by Brad Pasanek, Assistant Professor of English, University of Virginia.