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Date: 1733-1735

"Various rude Arts the untaught Ancients knew / To fix Ideas e'er they fled away, / And Images of Thought to Sight convey. / Brass, Wax, or Wood the Characters retain'd, / Some liv'd on Slates, and some the Canvas stain'd; / Some trac'd in Iv'ry, or engrav'd on Stone, / Or sunk in Clay, e're Bi...

— Bowden, Samuel (fl. 1733-1761)

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Date: 1733

"Amurath himself was also in the Fleet, and and hearing that the Tunis Vessel was commanded by the Renegado Dragut, and that he had some young Men on board arm'd, and three Women, one of them an admirable Beauty, he made them all come on board his Ship. He presently knew Rosalinda, whose Picture ...

— Morando, Bernardo (1589-1656); Gaspard-Mo├»se-Augustin de Fontanieu; Anonymous

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Date: 1734

"Aloft it soars through fields of painted air, / Which Fancy's pencil could not paint too fair."

— Adam [Adams], Jean (1710-1765)

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Date: 1735

"The Thinking Faculty, its source, its pow'rs: / How, stretch'd like Kneller's canvas first it lies / 'Ere the soft tints awake, or outlines rise / How, till the Finishing of thrice sev'n years, / The Master-Figure Reason scarce appears."

— Harte, Walter (1708/9-1774)

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Date: 1736, 1743

"Th' identick Shape thy Fancy would retain, / Engraven in eternal Characters / While Memory holds its Empire in the Brain."

— Wesley, Samuel, the Younger (1691-1739)

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Date: 1736

"Philosophy was incapable of affording her any Relief, and all her Reason served only to paint the Unhappiness of her Condition in the stronger Colours."

— Haywood [née Fowler], Eliza (1693?-1756)

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Date: 1737

"Whatever fancy paints, invention pours, / Judgment digests, the well tuned bosom feels, / Truth natural, moral, or divine, has taught, / The virtues dictate, or the Muses sing."

— Thomson, James (1700-1748)

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Date: 1738

"The studious Eye, that runs [William's] Labours o'er, / Shall print his Image on the grateful Mind"

— Boyse, Samuel (1708-1749)

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Date: January 1739

"On the other hand, impressions and passions are susceptible of an entire union, and, like colours, may be blended so perfectly together, that each of them may lose itself, and contribute only to vary that uniform impression which arises from the whole."

— Hume, David (1711-1776)

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Date: September 17, 1739

"There are different ways of examining the Mind as well as the Body. One may consider it either as an Anatomist or as a Painter; either to discover its most secret Springs & Principles or to describe the Grace & Beauty of its Actions."

— Hume, David (1711-1776)

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The Mind is a Metaphor is authored by Brad Pasanek, Assistant Professor of English, University of Virginia.