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Date: 1733, 1748

"Still let my faithful Memory impart, / And deep engrave it on my grateful heart, / How just, and good, and excellent Thou art."

— Pilkington, Laetitia (c. 1709-1750)

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Date: 1754

A mind may be cast in a different mould

— Clark [née Lewis], Esther (bap. 1716, d. 1794)

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Date: 1759

"Ye Mothers! train your Daughter's infant Mind; / To practise, when Adult, what's here injoin'd; / With early Care, Seeds of Compliance sow, / As you first shape the Twig, the Tree will grow; / Good Education elevates our Souls, / Corrects the Passions, Appetites controls; / Refines our Nature, a...

— Marriott, Thomas (d. 1766)

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Date: 1762

"[M]ake this dear-bought soul of mine / A monument of grace Divine"

— Wesley, John and Charles

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Date: 1763-4

A sudden slumber gently seal'd my eyes, / And wrapt my wearied limbs in soft repose; / Excursive Fancy wing'd her agile flight / Thro' the aerial mansions of the world; / Instant appear'd, portray'd upon my mind, / The fair Urania, clad in candid robe; / And bright around

— Mr. P--y (fl. 1763)

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Date: 1766

"Ev'n this my friend, its well known image here / Remains engraven by the hand of love: / My beating heart confirms it for the same."

— Williams, Anna (1708-1783)

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Date: 1767, 1784

"Shall we, because we strive in vain to tell / How Matter acts on incorporeal Mind, / Or how, when sleep has lock'd up ev'ry sense, / Or fevers rage, Imagination paints / Unreal scenes, reject what sober sense, / And calmest thought attest?"

— Jago, Richard (1715-1781)

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Date: 1770

"Imagination fondly stoops to trace / The parlour splendours of that festive place."

— Goldsmith, Oliver (1728?-1774)

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Date: 1771

"Great Nature! workmanship divine, / What human thought can trace thy line!"

— Colvill, Robert (d. 1788)

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Date: 1755, 1771

"For this, fair hope leads on the' impassion'd soul / Through life's wild labyrinths to her distant goal; / Paints in each dream, to fan the genial flame, / The pomp of riches, and the pride of fame, / Or fondly gives reflection's cooler eye / A glance, an image, of a future sky."

— Cawthorn, James (1719-1761)

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The Mind is a Metaphor is authored by Brad Pasanek, Assistant Professor of English, University of Virginia.