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Date: 1992

"Even more important to David than the very natural worry that his wife and his son might grow fond of one another was the intoxicating feeling that he had a blank consciousness to work with, and it gave him great pleasure to knead this yielding clay with his artistic thumbs."

— Edward St. Aubyn (b. 1960)

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Date: 1997

"The transcendental subject is not an entity to be found or recognized within experience, but neither is it transcendent, altogether independent of experience; rather, it is like the vanishing point of a perspectival painting--a construction implied by the structure of what is pictured, but not p...

— Stern, David G.

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Date: 1999

"But my mother told me that just the opposite was true. That the pictures in your mind were always more beautiful than what was in the world."

— Offill, Jenny (b. 1968)

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Date: 2001

"In my photographic work I was always especially entranced, said Austerlitz, by the moment when the shadows of reality, so to speak, emerge out of nothing on the exposed paper, as memories do in the middle of the night, darkening again it you try to cling to them, just like a photographic print l...

— Sebald, W. G. (1944-2001)

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Date: 2001

"Same even with those cherished early memories: we call up a sketch, fill in the blanks, and store it again, changed."

— Richardson, James (b. 1950)

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Date: 2004

"O woman, with a mind Picasso / could have painted, giving you many cheeks, / each one turned a different way."

— Sholl, Betsy

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Date: 2005

"The van emerged into the scene; men emerged from it and the whole event emerged, like a photo emerging. I didn't even need to see it. I closed my eyes and let it all develop in my mind."

— McCarthy, Tom (b. 1969)

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Date: 2009

"He had in fact retained a vivid mental picture of Emma from that night, lying on the single bed, naked except for the skirt around her waist, her arms thrown up above her head as they kissed."

— Nicholls, David (b. 1966)

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Date: December 21, 2009

"The resulting mental freeze-frames are remarkably diverse."

— Hoffman, Jascha

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Date: June 24, 2012

"For all its apparent fidelity, the movie in our heads is a 'Rashomon' narrative pieced together from inconsistent and unreliable bits of information."

— Stone, Alex

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The Mind is a Metaphor is authored by Brad Pasanek, Assistant Professor of English, University of Virginia.