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Date: December, 1954

"Does Somebody look bored, / His thoughts vacant as plaster, with being year / After bleeding year, our immobile word?"

— Scott, Peter Dale (b. January 11, 1929)

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Date: 1957

"'Really, your mind--' ... 'Like a sink, my nephew Raymond used to say,' Miss Marple agreed, nodding her head briskly. 'But I always told him, sinks are necesary domestic equipment and actually very hygienic.'"

— Christie, Agatha (1890-1976)

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Date: Jan. 9, 1958

"This in haste to get something off my muckheap of a mind."

— Beckett, Samuel (1096-1989)

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Date: 1955, 1958

"It [the title of this book] is used out of context but expresses the way I felt about these poems when I wrote them---as if they were, taken together, a kind of Coney Island of the mind, a kind of circus of the soul."

— Ferlinghetti, Lawrence. (b. 1919)

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Date: 1959

"The heart's tough shell is still to crack / When, spent of all its wine and bread, / Unwinkingly the altar lies / Wreathed in its sour breath, cold and dead, / A server has put out its eyes."

— Hill, Geoffrey (b. 1932)

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Date: 1959, 1964

"run your finger along your no-moss mind / that's not a thought that's soot"

— O'Hara, Francis Russell "Frank" (1926-1966)

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Date: 1960

"Physical things generally, however remote, become known to us only through the effects which they help induce at our sensory surfaces."

— Quine, W. V. O. (1908-2000)

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Date: 1962

"Is there no way out of the mind?"

— Plath, Sylvia (1932-1963)

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Date: 1962

"Her mind was as full of religion as a night sky is full of things visible and invisible. She left the man and took his religion and became a nun in the course of time."

— Spark, Muriel (1918-2006)

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Date: July, 1962; November 22, 1962; 1973

"Memory is, really, in itself, a tool, one of the many tools that an artist uses; and some recollections, perhaps intellectual rather than emotional, are very brittle and sometimes apt to lose the flavor of reality when they are immersed by the novelist in his book, when they are given away to ch...

— Nabokov, Vladimir (1899-1977)

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The Mind is a Metaphor is authored by Brad Pasanek, Assistant Professor of English, University of Virginia.