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Date: 1676

The understanding argues before the will can choose and "the last Dictate of the Judgment sways / The Will, as in a Balance, the last Weight / Put in the Scale, lifts up the other end"

— Shadwell, Thomas (1642-1692)

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Date: 1678

"No more; I'm thine, and here I seal my heart to thee for ever."

— Otway, Thomas (1652-1685)

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Date: 1681

"Come, be genuine with me--here's a Protector's half Crown for thee--two shillings five pence sterling--and let it be a Key to unlock thy heart"

— D'Urfey, Thomas (1653?-1723)

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Date: 1685

"I shall see his outward form 'tis true, / But that is nothing lest I see his interior too."

— Anonymous; Corneille (1606-1684)

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Date: 1687

"[B]ut thanks be prais'd the Generosity of our Cavaliers has open'd their obdurate Hearts with a Golden key, that let's 'em in at all opportunities"

— Behn, Aphra (1640?-1689)

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Date: 1691

"Why weren't the Royal Regiment sent for Flanders? / With English hearts of Oak, and Horns well steel'd, / To Butt the Puny Monsieur from the Field."

— Mountfort, William (c.1664-1692)

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Date: 1692

"I wou'd suspect, the Devil in her heart had stampt the sign of Vertue in her looks, that she might cheat the world, and sin more close"

— Southerne, Thomas (1659-1746)

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Date: 1693

"As you would Guard my Everlasting Peace, / Remember all those Charms that Seal'd my Heart"

— Powell, George (166?-1714)

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Date: 1696

The soul may leave "the reins in the wild hand of nature, who like a Phaeton, drives the fiery chariot, and sets the world on flame"

— Vanbrugh, Sir John (1664-1726)

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Date: 1696

"The Common Lawyers devour the Body and Estate, the Spiritual Court the Soul."

— Anonymous; George Powell (1658-1714), Publisher

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The Mind is a Metaphor is authored by Brad Pasanek, Assistant Professor of English, University of Virginia.