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Date: 1807

"Yes, 't is too late,--now Reason guides / The mind, sole judge in all debate."

— Crabbe, George (1754-1832)

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Date: 1807-8

"So minds debas'd can torture gen'rous acts: / And thus, by terrors haunted, hunger-pinch'd, / Hag-ridden by the demon at their hearts, / Suspicious, tost from thought to thought, they watch'd / The lagging hours of night"

— Burges, Sir James Bland (1752-1824)

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Date: 1808

"'But when the Bard by Arun's stream / Indulg'd each sadly tender theme, / And with enchantment wild combin'd / The countless "shadowy tribes of mind;'"

— Grant [née MacVicar], Anne (1755-1838)

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Date: 1809

"Still may she [Fancy] rule the manly mind; / Her sweetest magic still impart / To soften, not subdue, the heart: / Still may she warm the chosen breast, /Not as the sovereign, but the guest."

— Bowles, William Lisle (1762-1850)

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Date: 1809, 1812

"Alas, her hopes are transient as that blaze, / And direful images her fancy crowd"

— Graham, James (1765-1811)

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Date: 1810

"--Pity, of every generous heart the guest, / As that which dares each colder code refute, / And justifies the ways of man to brute?"

— Pratt, Samuel Jackson [pseud. Courtney Melmoth] (1749-1814)

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Date: 1810

"Had Bethlehem's star, of humble swains the guide; / Of souls, unclouded with pedantick pride; / On thee benighted, beamed, with friendly ray, / With all the light of evangelick day; / Ideas, in thy brain, had held no dance / Of anarchy, thou citizen of France!"

— Stockdale, Percival (1736-1811)

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Date: w. 1796, 1811

"Hence the same Charity, heart-cheering guest, / That burnt, with fervent flame, in Dryden's breast, / Inspirits mine"

— Mason, William (1725-1797)

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Date: 1814

"Thus does the brain awhile conceive, / Its brilliant fancies, and believe;-- / And oh! those glowing hopes remain / A dazzling, yet deceitful train;-- / And many a liken'd image find, / Upon the mirror of the mind"

— Reynolds, John Hamilton (1796-1852)

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Date: 1814, 1816, 1896

"How then should matron Mind, with filial fear, / Judge all the embryo thoughts engender'd there"

— Woodhouse, James (bap. 1735, d. 1820)

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The Mind is a Metaphor is authored by Brad Pasanek, Assistant Professor of English, University of Virginia.