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Date: 1778

"And if, O love, thy potent dart / Should reach the sleeping shepherd's heart, / O! be to him a gentler guest, / And pierce, with lighter shaft, his breast."

— Robinson [Née Darby], Mary [Perdita] (1758-1800)

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Date: 1779

"Such pensiveness oft follows, when the mind, / Surcharg'd with joy, hath yielded all her pow'rs / To the insidious guest."

— Cowley [née Parkhouse], Hannah (1743-1809)

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Date: 1784

"Oh! spare me, Julia--look on me as I am, an alter'd man--peace has been a stranger to my bosom, and remorse and sorrow my constant companions, since we parted"

— Andrews, Miles Peter (1742-1814)

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Date: May 18, 1782, 1785

"Oh, that every heart was like mine, a stranger to dissimulation!"

— Pilon, Frederick (1750-1788)

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Date: 1788

"Fear is a stranger to my soul."

— Cobb, James (1756-1818)

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Date: 1789

"How far am I raised above a girl educated among antelopes; a girl, whose heart must ever be a stranger to love!"

— Jones, Sir William (1746-1794)

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Date: 1790

"Your zeal for the Czar hurries you to an inhumanity, that I thought a stranger to the breast of my gentle Michaelhoff."

— O'Keeffe, John (1747-1833)

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Date: 1794

"To each heart pale fear's a stranger, / Honour bids us to the fight."

— Kemble, John Philip (1757-1823)

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Date: 1794

"True Madam! But how hard to feign a merriment to which the heart's a stranger!"

— Dudley, Sir Henry Bate (1745-1824)

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Date: 1795, 1796

"But, hear, Louisa--a thought, just now, vast and immense as my own boundless passion, crowds on my troubled mind."

— Timaeus, J. J. (1763-1809); Friedrich von Schiller (1759-1805)

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The Mind is a Metaphor is authored by Brad Pasanek, Assistant Professor of English, University of Virginia.