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Date: 1761

"Does Conscience, that just Judge, confirm my sentence? / There I am clear."

— Cumberland, Richard (1732-1811)

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Date: 1763

"I know not, madam, what I either hear or see, a thousand things are crowding on my imagination; while, like one just wakened from a dream, I doubt which is reality, which delusion."

— Bickerstaff, Isaac (b. 1733, d. after 1808)

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Date: w. 1764, published 1820

"O Peace of mind, thou lovely guest, / Thou softest soother of the breast, / Dispense thy balmy store."

— Goldsmith, Oliver (1728?-1774)

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Date: 1765

"By reason's standard, then, you judge amiss / Of those whose legislator is caprice."

— Griffith, Elizabeth (1720-1793)

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Date: 1766

"My Heart is my own / And a Stranger to Care"

— Carey, George Saville (1743-1807)

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Date: 1767

"[I]ndeed, in her more serious moments, which are but few, she, perhaps, gives me an hearing, when all at once a crowd of gayer thoughts rush on, and kill at once the hopes wherewith I was elated a few minutes before"

— O'Keeffe, John (1747-1833)

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Date: 1770

"How light my heart feels from / A villainous guest that sat like lead upon it!"

— Armstrong, John (1708/9-1779)

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Date: 1773

"I confess Wilville raised emotions in my breast, I had till then been a stranger to"

— Hitchcock, Robert (d. 1809)

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Date: February 15, 1776

"The happiness of love, the felicities that flow from a suitable union, his heart shall be a stranger to"

— Cowley [née Parkhouse], Hannah (1743-1809)

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Date: 1776

"Oh! jealousy, / Thou tyrant of the mind."

— Dibdin, Charles (bap. 1745, d. 1814)

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The Mind is a Metaphor is authored by Brad Pasanek, Assistant Professor of English, University of Virginia.