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Date: 1687

"At this enrag'd, the injur'd Deity / Chose out the best of his Artillery, / And in a blooming Virgin's Dove-like Eyes / He planted his Victorious Batteries; / (Phillis her Name, the best of Woman-kind, / Could Love have gain'd the Empire of her Mind) / These shot so furiously against my Heart, /...

— Cutts, John, Baron Cutts of Gowran (1660/1-1707)

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Date: 1692

"I have, 'tis true, but to no purpose, retir'd to Oxford, to see if Books, and learned men would bring me any Relief, but I find Philosophy is of no power to root out a Passion that is once admitted, whatever it may to defend us from an Invasion."

— Gildon, Charles (1665-1724)

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Date: 1712

If "Idola from foul Figures rise, / Their roughness Shocks the Soul, and Wounds the Eyes. / And, as with Spears, which grow from bladed Corn, / Invade the Mind, and make the Senses mourn"

— Cobb, Samuel (1675-1713); Rowe, Nicholas (1674-1718); Quillet, Claudius (fl.1640-1656)

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Date: 1731, 1753

"Shines there a captain, form'd, for war's controul, / Born, with the seeds of conquest, in his soul?"

— Hill, Aaron (1685-1750)

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Date: 1779

"Not Man, but thriftless Nature, be accused, / Who to seductions left our minds a prey-- / --Nay more, who doth herself ensnare us; / Hath hung us round with senses exquisite, / Hath planted in our hearts resistless passions, / The first to weaken, and the last to war / On poor, defenceless, nake...

— Cowley [née Parkhouse], Hannah (1743-1809)

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The Mind is a Metaphor is authored by Brad Pasanek, Assistant Professor of English, University of Virginia.