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Date: 1999

"On its own this trigger, as we can see from the earlier definition, is not going to generate consciousness. Imagine a candyfloss machine with a stick in the centre that then gathers more and more candyfloss as time goes on. Think of the epicentre as the stick in the centre, the burgeoning candy...

— Greenfield, Susan (b. 1950)

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Date: 2000

"He hadn't yet organised his memories of the conference into anecdote and he knew that unless he gave them that structure they would slip down the nearest drain."

— Edward St. Aubyn (b. 1960)

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Date: 2006

"Back at Dayton Chaminade High, Weber had begun intellectual life as a confirmed Freudian--brain as hydraulic pipe for mind's spectacular waterworks--anything to confound his priest teachers."

— Powers, Richard (b. 1957)

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Date: March 29, 2010

"Drip, drip, drip — that’s what insomniac thoughts feel like, a leaky faucet behind the eyes."

— Marino, Gordon

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Date: 2010

"A thought to mind, so to the string / plucked, or touched, or bowed, the music is, / a wrinkling of the air as immaterial / and brief as sunlight glancing on a wave."

— Le Guin, Ursula (b. 1929)

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Date: June 14, 2011

"According to this view, bias, lack of logic and other supposed flaws that pollute the stream of reason are instead social adaptations that enable one group to persuade (and defeat) another."

— Cohen, Patricia

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Date: March 11, 2011

"The huge submerged bulk of the mental iceberg, with its stores of memory and acquired skills that have become automatic, like language, driving and etiquette, supplies people with the raw materials on which they can exercise their reason and decide what to think and what to do."

— Nagel, Thomas (b. 1937)

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Date: 2011

"He stared at her little heart-shaped face and kissed her cheek and kissed her mouth and a thrilling horror spread like a stain through the hollow of his chest."

— Nadzam, Bonnie

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Date: July 3, 2015

"Our conversations with Mr. Docter and his team were generally about the science related to questions at the heart of the film: How do emotions govern the stream of consciousness? How do emotions color our memories of the past?"

— Keltner, Dacher, and Paul Ekman

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Date: February 25, 2019

"Because his brain is like a constantly running toilet, flushing unadulterated effluent through the Twitter pipes, like when he said "I built a lot of wall. I have a lot of money and I built a lot of wall," when not one inch, not one millimeter, of his new wall has been constructed; or his tweet:...

— Burke, Tom

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The Mind is a Metaphor is authored by Brad Pasanek, Assistant Professor of English, University of Virginia.