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Date: 1724

"The sudden Gusts of these Passions being thus accounted for, when they become extreme they drive about the Blood with such a Hurricane, that Nature is overset, like a Mill by a Flood: So that what drove it only quicker round before, now intirely stops it, and renders the Countenance pale and gha...

— Cheyne, George (1671-1743)

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Date: 1732

"Thoughts dash on Thoughts, as Waves on Waves increase, / And Storms, of his own raising, wreck his Peace."

— Mitchell, Joseph (c. 1684-1738)

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Date: 1743

"For all was pure within: No fell Remorse, / Nor anxious Castings up of what might be, / Alarm'd his peaceful Bosom: Summer Seas / Shew not more smooth, when kiss'd by Southern Winds / Just ready to expire."

— Blair, Robert (1699-1746)

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Date: 1765

""Unwise, who, tossing on the watery way, / All to the storm th'unfetter'd sail devolve; / Man more unwise resigns the mental sway, / Born headlong on by passion's keen resolve."

— Beattie, James (1735-1803)

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The Mind is a Metaphor is authored by Brad Pasanek, Assistant Professor of English, University of Virginia.