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Date: 1771

"That is, let not great examples, or authorities, browbeat they reason into too great a diffidence fo thyself: thyself so reverence, as to prefer the native growth of thy own mind to the richest import from abroad; such borrowed riches make us poor."

— Author Unknown

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Date: 1777

"The questions would seem to answer themselves, and may be left to Lord North himself, if he has not altogether abandoned the sterling currency of Idea and Language (the reverse of his conduct with regard to the coin) and has not folded up, for ever and for ever, the un-corporational rectitude an...

— Philadelphos, Theophilos (fl. 1777)

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Date: 1781

"How solidly he establishes, in Opposition to the celebrated Mr. Locke, the Doctrine of Innate Ideas; or that the Soul of Man, is not in its first created State, a mere Rasa Tabula, or blank Paper, but full of divine Sensations, and the Powers, Riches and Glories of Eternity; all treasured up and...

— Anonymous; [L--]

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The Mind is a Metaphor is authored by Brad Pasanek, Assistant Professor of English, University of Virginia.