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Date: 1687, 1691

"And though it may seem difficult to be a Saint, in passing ones days in a Prophane Place, yet think not my Piety grows luke-warm, or my Friendship diminished; seeing I have made a Mosque of my Heart, where Friends are ever present."

— Marana, Giovanni Paolo (1642-1693); Anonymous [William Bradshaw (fl. 1700) or Robert Midgley (1655?-1723)?]

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Date: 1696

"The Sences in Confederacy raise Rebellion against reason; there now is a Civil War over all this Compound Tabernacle. Pride and Desire disturb the Harmony of Government, endeavouring to undermine the tottering Fabrick, and to hurl all into Chaos and Confusion."

— Anonymous; George Powell (1658-1714), Publisher

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Date: 1698

"His Memory had Mansions many, / And some as fair and large as any; /But still the fairest and the best / Were took up by th'foulest Guest."

— Anonymous

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The Mind is a Metaphor is authored by Brad Pasanek, Assistant Professor of English, University of Virginia.