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Date: July 22, 2016

"Conscious thought is the tip of the iceberg."

— Lakoff, George P. (b. 1941)

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Date: July 11 and 18, 2016

"'Consequence' is the word that splintered my mind."

— Hayes, Terrance (b. 1971)

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Date: July 29, 2016

"In other ways, the speech was an x-ray of Clinton’s soul that gave the public a rare, if distorted, glimpse beneath her shell."

— Fournier, Ron (b. 1963)

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Date: January 17, 2017

"A man who mocks John McCain, denounces Gold Star parents, snarls at an actor who spoofs him, and makes fun of a crippled reporter is someone whose core is empty, and whose need for approbation is unlimited because the void within him is so complete."

— Cohen, Eliot A. (b. 1956)

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Date: July 31, 2017

"Character is like concrete: You can make an impression when it's freshly poured, in its youth, one could say, but when it sets, it's impervious to alteration."

— Blow, Charles (b. 1970)

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Date: May-June, 2017

"A full recollection--say of a person--almost always involves some visual re-experiencing of expressions, gestures and bearing, some of which are held frozen in the mind."

— Stallabrass, Julian (b. March 16, 1960)

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Date: August 17, 2017

"Y'know, you have an idea. It's like when you read a thing and then an image pops into your head, or however that happens. You're seeing a picture in your brain like on TV."

— Murray, Noel

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Date: September/October, 2017

"Is 'American ideas' one of those phrases, like 'how women are' or 'the will of the West to survive' that are to thinking as huffing gasoline is to breathing?"

— Purdy, Jedediah (b. 1974)

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Date: 2017

"Your mind resembles a roaring wind tunnel."

— Kureishi, Hanif (b. 1954)

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Date: 2017

"His cradle a sheet under his belly, his butt like tongs, my mind a salad."

— Killian, Kevin (b. 1952)

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The Mind is a Metaphor is authored by Brad Pasanek, Assistant Professor of English, University of Virginia.