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Date: 1667; 2nd ed. in 1674

"First crept / The parsimonious emmet, provident / Of future; in small room large heart enclosed"

— Milton, John (1608-1674)

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Date: 1675

"Since our minds are the Magazines of true wealth, and why should we expect that from Strangers, which we may bestow upon our Selves?"

— Le Grand, Antoine (1629-1699)

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Date: 1678

"Into his studious Closet to stuff his Lunatick head, since he can get nothing for his belly."

— Porter, Thomas (1636-1680)

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Date: 1680

"And nothing to the Soul can come, / Till th' ushering Senses make it room."

— Shadwell, Thomas (1642-1692)

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Date: 1681

"Some livelier spark of heaven, and more refined / From earthly dross, fills the great poet's mind."

— Duke, Richard (1658-1711)

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Date: 1682

"I fear my breast wants room for the excessive joy; is stuck round with the darts of your Beauty, like an Orange that is stuck with Cloves."

— D'Urfey, Thomas (1653?-1723)

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Date: November, 1682

"In pleasure some their glutton souls would steep; / But found their line too short, the well too deep; / And leaky vessels which no bliss could keep.

— Dryden, John (1631-1700)

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Date: 1683

"Invention, Memory, and Wit, should stay; / And all their Treasures in this Turrit lay."

— Shipman, Thomas (1632-1680)

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Date: 1683, 1823

A man may keep the "precious relics of the divine image from utter defacement, retaining somewhat of his primitive worth and integrity."

— Barrow, Isaac (1630-1677)

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Date: 1686, 1689, 1697

"Let us but consider a little the Receptacles of Images, the Regions of Imagination, the curious formation in all the Instruments of Sense; to which we may add the activity and subtlety of the Spirits, the delicate Contexture of the Nerves, the various Articulations of the Voice, the Harmony of F...

— Nourse, Timothy (c.1636–1699)

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The Mind is a Metaphor is authored by Brad Pasanek, Assistant Professor of English, University of Virginia.