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Date: 1763

"Explore the dark recesses of the mind, / In the Soul's honest volume read mankind, / And own, in wise and simple, great and small, / The same grand leading Principle in All."

— Churchill, Charles (1731-1764)

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Date: 1773, 1894-1895

One may learn "her Lesson from within" and "There […] read the Characters imprest / Upon the Mind of ev'ry human Breast,-- / The native Laws prescrib'd to every Soul, / And Love, the One Fulfiller of the Whole."

— Byrom, John (1692-1763)

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Date: 1794

"No--no!--no man's temper's more mild, when taken at a proper season, but now his head's as crowded as a newspaper, and in as much confusion as your work-bag, what with the thoughts of his new varnish, and the expectation of Mr. Vapour,--I'll speak to him for you."

— Hoare, Prince (1755-1834)

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The Mind is a Metaphor is authored by Brad Pasanek, Assistant Professor of English, University of Virginia.