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Date: 1767, 1784

"Shall we, because we strive in vain to tell / How Matter acts on incorporeal Mind, / Or how, when sleep has lock'd up ev'ry sense, / Or fevers rage, Imagination paints / Unreal scenes, reject what sober sense, / And calmest thought attest?"

— Jago, Richard (1715-1781)

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Date: 1768

"All my heart is open wide, / Every bar is thrown aside"

— Downman, Hugh (1740-1809)

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Date: w. prior to April 1770; 1785, 1837, 1875

"When in the venerable gothic hall, / Where fetters rattle, evidences bawl, / Puzzled in thought by equity or law, / Into their inner room his senses draw; / There, as they snore in consultation deep, / The foolish vulgar deem him fast asleep."

— Chatterton, Thomas (1752-1770)

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Date: 1755, 1771

"For this, fair hope leads on the' impassion'd soul / Through life's wild labyrinths to her distant goal; / Paints in each dream, to fan the genial flame, / The pomp of riches, and the pride of fame, / Or fondly gives reflection's cooler eye / A glance, an image, of a future sky."

— Cawthorn, James (1719-1761)

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Date: 1772, 1810

"His vital spark her earthly cell forsook, / And into air her fleeting progress took."

— Jones, Sir William (1746-1794)

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Date: 1772, 1788

"Tho' some hollow hearts may have much room to spare, / The Devil himself wou'd not chuse to dwell there."

— Stevens, George Alexander (1710?-1784)

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Date: 1773

"A thought, enbosom'd in this heart's recess / Shou'd, rising into act--Ah spare the rest!"

— Jerningham, Edward (1727-1812)

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Date: 1773

"Sincere Devotion needs no outward shrine: / The Centre of an humble Soul is Thine."

— Byrom, John (1692-1763)

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Date: 1778

God, "Who view'st each thought yet lab'ring in my mind, / Say, in what secret cell,
/ Far from the glance of feeble human kind, / Doth pure religion dwell?"

— Ellis, George (1753-1815)

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Date: w. c. 1779

"[T]hen prudence took her Seat / Within the Soul, and reign'd in Virtue's room."

— Crabbe, George (1754-1832)

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The Mind is a Metaphor is authored by Brad Pasanek, Assistant Professor of English, University of Virginia.