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Date: 1710, 1711

"Faith, Madam, the Cannon of Constancy is a heavy Carriage, and if I shou'd summon my Senses to a Council of War, and make Reason Judge-Advocate, 'tis odds but I raise the Siege."

— Centlivre [née Freeman; other married name Carroll], Susanna (bap. 1669?, d. 1723)

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Date: 1778

"Still our joys are not complete, / Doubts and fears our minds invading / Till your gentle smiles we meet"

— Robinson [Née Darby], Mary [Perdita] (1758-1800)

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Date: 1779

"Not Man, but thriftless Nature, be accused, / Who to seductions left our minds a prey-- / --Nay more, who doth herself ensnare us; / Hath hung us round with senses exquisite, / Hath planted in our hearts resistless passions, / The first to weaken, and the last to war / On poor, defenceless, nake...

— Cowley [née Parkhouse], Hannah (1743-1809)

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The Mind is a Metaphor is authored by Brad Pasanek, Assistant Professor of English, University of Virginia.