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Date: 1702

"Thine I have now receiv'd, which manifests/ Thou hast had some regard to my Requests; / And by these good Effects, dost testify, / Thou'rt not so much inclin'd to Vanity, / To Childish Sports, and Time-beguiling Play, / As thou hast been therein, and spent thy Day:/ Endeared Friend, may's...

— Mollineux [née Southworth], Mary (1651-1695)

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Date: w. 1684, 1702

"These rugged Walls, less grievous are to me, / Than those bedeck'd with curious Arras be / T'a guilty Conscience; to a wounded Heart, / A Palace cannot palliate that smart: / Tho' drunk with Pleasure, dull with Opiates, / Some seem as Senseless of their sad Estates, / Till on their Dying-Beds Co...

— Mollineux [née Southworth], Mary (1651-1695)

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Date: 1703

"Distorted Nature shakes at the Controul, / With strong Convulsions rends my strugling Soul; / Each vital String cracks with th' unequal Strife, / Departing Love racks like departing Life; / Yet there the Sorrow ceases with the Breath, / But Love each day renews th' torturing scene of Death."

— Egerton [née Fyge; other married name Field], Sarah (1670-1723)

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Date: 1720

The eyes speak the mind's "the lover's mind"

— Sansom, Martha [née Fowke] (1690-1736)

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Date: 1734

"No; only he, who gave the blind their Sight, / Can fix interiour Eyes on heavenly Light"

— Adam [Adams], Jean (1710-1765)

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Date: 1740

"How bruised and scarified! how deep the wound! / Senseless, of life no symptom to be found!"

— Dixon, Sarah (1671/2-1765)

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Date: 1741

"Says Body to Mind, ''Tis amazing to see, / We're so nearly related yet never agree, / But lead a most wrangling strange sort of life, / As great plagues to each other as husband and wife.'"

— Carter, Elizabeth (1717-1806)

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The Mind is a Metaphor is authored by Brad Pasanek, Assistant Professor of English, University of Virginia.