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Date: 1611

In the Judgment "the register bookes of all mens consciences [shall] bee opened up, and laide abroad, and the great register of God his predestination, & booke of life shall be opened, and made patent, and the dead shal bee judged according to their workes, written and registred in their conscien...

— Napier, John, of Merchiston (1550-1617)

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Date: 1614

"Now, then in judgement, so are workes lookt on, as collation alwaies must bee of the bookes, to see if our names be written in the booke of life, as assurance of life and joyfull peace are written in our consciences."

— Forbes, Patrick, of Corse (1564-1635)

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Date: 1676, 1703

"This is also abundantly proved by the Experience of all such, as being secretly touched with the Call of God's Grace unto them, do apply themselves to false Teachers, where the Remedy proves worse than the Disease; because, instead of knowing God, or the things relating to their Salvation aright...

— Barclay, Robert (1648-1690)

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Date: 1697

"What ever brought him here, or took him hence / It was no mean, or common influence, / Of Heavens best mettal, that inform'd his soul, / And made all vertue, but a blubr'd scrol / Of his great mind."

— Cleland, William (1661?-1689)

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Date: 1699

"He will write his Laws in their hearts, and make them to walk in them."

— Burnet, Gilbert (1643-1715)

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The Mind is a Metaphor is authored by Brad Pasanek, Assistant Professor of English, University of Virginia.