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Date: 1731

"Worn out with Cares, and tott'ring in her Seat, / The Soul resigns her Throne, and seeks Retreat."

— Boyse, Samuel (1708-1749)

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Date: 1738, 1792

"But soon a beam, emissive from above, / Shed mental day, and touch'd the heart with love; / Gave jealous rage to know Divine Controul, / And ruled the tempest rising in the soul."

— Brooke, Henry (c. 1703-1783)

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Date: 1739

"But if you have your Masters within your corrupt Mind, how are you Freer than this Slave, who is frighted to his Business by his Master's Frown, and Lash."

— Sheridan, Thomas (1687-1738)

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Date: 1746, 1749

"But, since we never from the Breast of Fools / Can root their Passions, yet while Reason rules, / Let her hold forth her Scales with equal Hand, / Justly to punish, as the Crimes demand."

— Francis, Philip (1708-1773)

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The Mind is a Metaphor is authored by Brad Pasanek, Assistant Professor of English, University of Virginia.