The will may spur a lover on

— Ayres, Philip (1638-1712)

The will may spur a lover on
Metaphor in Context
Will spurs me on, Love wounds me with his Dart.
  Pleasure does draw me, Custom pulls me too,
  Hope flatters, that I should my Ends pursue,
And lends her Right Hand to my Fainting Heart.

My wretched Heart accepts, nor yet espyes
  The Weakness of my blind disloyal Guide,
  My Passions rule, long since my Reason dyde,
And from one fond Desire, still others rise.

Vertue and Wealth, Beauty and Graceful Meen,
Sweet Words, and Person fair as e'er was seen,
  Were the Allurements drew me to her Net:

'Twas Thirteen hundred twenty sev'n, the Year,
April the sixth, this Nymph did first appear,
  And ty'd me so, I ne'er shall Freedom get.

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