"Truth Stamps Conviction in your Ravisht Breast."

— Dillon, Wentworth, 4th Earl of Roscommon (1637-1685)

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Printed for Jacob Tonson
"Truth Stamps Conviction in your Ravisht Breast."
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What I have instanc'd only in the best,
Is, in proportion true of All the rest.
Take pains the genuine Meaning to explore,
There Sweat, there Strain, tug the laborious Oar:
Search ev'ry Comment, that your Care can find,
Some here, some there, may hit the Poets Mind;
Yet be not blindly guided by the Throng;
The Multitude is alwayes in the Wrong.
When Things appear unnatural or hard,
Consult your Author, with Himself compar'd;
Who knows what blessing Phæbus may bestow,
And future Ages to your Labour owe?
Such Secrets are not easily found out,
But once Discover'd, leave no Room for Doubt.
Truth Stamps Conviction in your Ravisht Breast,
And Peace, and Joy attend the glorious Guest.
Searching "stamp" and "breast" in HDIS (Poetry)
6 entries in ESTC (1684, 1685, 1709, 1717).

See An Essay on Translated Verse. By the Earl of Roscomon. (London: Printed for Jacob Tonson, 1684). <Link to ESTC>
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