A Partner of a king's sway may be "greater in the Empire of His Heart"

— Arwaker, Edmund (c.1655-1730)

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Printed by J. Playford for Henry Playford
A Partner of a king's sway may be "greater in the Empire of His Heart"
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As once Zachæus from the Fav'ring Tree,
  Beheld with Ravishment the great God-Man,
  Such Mighty Joy, such wond'rous Extasie
  Possest my Soul, when the bright Pomp began,
When God-like JAMES with his own Majesty Array'd,
    His dazling Beams around display'd;
  And like the Glorious Ruler of the Day,
  Cheer'd the inferiour World with Heat and Light,
  While like the Beauteous Empress of the Night
    (Save that than her more Bright)
  His Splendid CONSORT, Partner of His Sway,
  But greater in the Empire of His Heart
    Shines with Him all the way,
And to each other still new Luster they impart:
  With them, in stately Order, forward moves
  A vast Retinue of attending Stars,
  Whom their great Leader for their Service Loves,
    Their signal Courage in his Wars;
When Second Lucifer, with his Rebellious Train,
    Strove to Exclude him from his Right,
  But all, (thanks to th' immortal Pow'rs!) in vain;
    Their routed Armies put to flight,
  Were damn'd to Regions of Eternal Night.
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