"Bad Fogs produce in clearer Reason's sky"

— Harington, John (1627-1700)

Place of Publication
Printed for William Crook
"Bad Fogs produce in clearer Reason's sky"
Metaphor in Context
Through Sorrow's weight oreburthen'd now, opprest,
He liv'd withdrawn; Reserved, pensive Brest:
Yielding too far (unwares) to rising Passion,
Strong Fancy's pow'r, which in great Grief vexation
Do Lord it oft like Tyrants o're the Mind;
Joyn'd Custom's ayd, leave strange Effects behind:
Bad Fogs produce in clearer Reason's sky:
Lost Blood withal (till Spirits fresh supply)
More wrong to th' Brain and Heart sad Spleen diseas'd;
Much heightned too, since Physick-course displeas'd.
Then 'twas hard Task to curb those Thoughts, suppress;
That Lodg was loath'd where caus'd so great Distress.
Too near to th' Court, large Mantinea found
Chief Country-house; Third on that City's ground.
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The Grecian Story: Being an Historical Poem, in Five Books. To which is Annex'd the Grove: Consisting of Divers Shorter Poems Upon Several Subjects (London: William Crook, 1684).
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