"And these are the gems of the Human Soul"

— Blake, William (1757-1827)

Work Title
"And these are the gems of the Human Soul"
Metaphor in Context
He plants himself in all her Nerves
Just as a Husbandman his mould
And she becomes his dwelling place
And Garden fruitful seventy fold

An aged Shadow soon he fades
Wandring round an Earthly Cot
Full filled all with gems & gold
Which he by industry had got

And these are the gems of the Human Soul
The rubies & pearls of a lovesick eye
The countless gold of the akeing heart
The martyrs groan & the lovers sigh
Searching in HDIS (Poetry)
Blake, Willam. The Poems of William Blake. Ed. R. H. Shepherd. London: Basil Montagu Pickering, 1874, p. 135.
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