"My heart within / Melts as the wax."

— Frere, John Hookham (1769-1846)

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"My heart within / Melts as the wax."
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The bestial herd of Basan close me round,
In boisterous outrage, with a savage sound
Of rage and outcry, like the lion's howl,
And eyes and gestures eager, fierce and foul--
And there I stand amongst them!--silent, slow,
Weak as the very water; faint and low;
My bones are out of joint; my heart within
Melts as the wax
; my lips and tongue begin
To shrivel and wither with the parching breath--
And thou shalt bring me to the dust of death!--
The bloody dogs, the unclean are in the crowd!
With the hypocritic Elders stern and proud--
My feet and hands are pierc'd, and every bone
Naked and bare, and counted one by one!
In empty wonderment they gather round,
Gazing upon me, watching every wound!--
My garments are shar'd out--my vest unrent
Stak'd as a prize, with ribald merriment!--
But be not Thou far from me, O God my strength!
Father and Lord! incline thine ear at length--
Haste Thee to help me; save my soul from scath
Of fiendish rage; and thine appointed wrath,
The sword of Eden brandish'd early and long!--
So shall I praise Thee with a joyful song
Of victory and redemption; and proclaim
Thy justice and Thy mercies and Thy name
Amongst the brethren--Ye that fear the Lord!
Sons of the chosen seed! with one accord
Magnify and praise his name, with love and awe!
Sons of the covenant and of the law!
Children of Jacob and of Israel!
For ye can witness well,--that he the Lord
Hath not abhorr'd--nor shunn'd the deep infliction,
That dreadful interdiction undergoing,
His tears in anguish flowing, and his cry
Were heard and seen on high; the Almighty face
Was turn'd to pity and grace,--and pardon given,
And ratified in heaven!--A louder voice
Shall summon to rejoice, a congregation
From many a tribe and nation; wider far;
From where the appointed star
Leads forth the mystic eastern Sages hoar;
E'en to the silent, shady, western shore;
The guests are marshall'd, and the banquet spread,
With heavenly wine and bread--The bread of life!
Without restraint or strife, or fear, or sadness,
In singleness of heart, with love and gladness;
A company which death shall not dissever--
They share the food which leads to life for ever.
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Frere, John Hookham, Aristophanes, Theognis, Bartle Frere, and William Edward Frere. The Works: In Verse and Prose. Vol. I. London: Pickering, 1872.
Psalm 22
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