"Her brain was in overdrive."

— Wang, Weike

June 18, 2018
"Her brain was in overdrive."
Metaphor in Context
Throughout the weekend, the woman felt feverish. Her brain was in overdrive. She watched the man help her mother bring in groceries and then help her father shovel the driveway. She was in disbelief when her father went out and came back with a bottle of whiskey. She didn’t know that he drank whiskey. She then had to recalculate the fifty-fifty ratio to take into account the whiskey. For each meal, her mother set out a pair of chopsticks and also cutlery. When the man chose the chopsticks, her parents smiled at him as if he were a clever monkey who had put the square peg into the square hole.
Weike Wang, "Omakase," The New Yorker (June 18, 2018). <Link to www.newyorker.com>
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