"The Springs he drank were like his Conscience clear."

— Anonymous

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Printed for Jacob Tonson
"The Springs he drank were like his Conscience clear."
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Before Ambition touchd the poison'd Heart,
E'er Gold in Friendship, or in Love had part,
Before Religion was a Mystick Trade,
There was a time when Nature was obey'd;
When happy Man was void of Crime or Fear,
His Friendship perfect, and his Love sincere,
Both as unbounded as the common Air.
His Thoughts were undisguis'd, and unconfin'd,
As naked as his Body was his Mind;
Full his Content, because his Wishes few,
How cou'd he covet what he did not know?
He wisely trod where Nature led the way,
Fed on her Fruits, and in her Bosom lay;
His strength of Appetite, and height of Blood,
Gave double Relish to his Love and Food:
The Springs he drank were like his Conscience clear,
The Soil produc'd, and the Sun cook'd his Fare;
The Grape, the Peach, the Melon, and the Pine,
For Smell and Taste their Sweets and Flavours join.
The painted Morning fed his waking Eyes,
When he beheld his Canopy the Skies.
The Rose and Lilly on the Green were spread,
And artless Beauties in the Sweets were laid,
As bright and fragrant as their flow'ry Bed.
(pp. 504-5)
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Poetical Miscellanies: The Fifth Part. Containing a Collection of Original Poems, With Several New Translations. By the most Eminent Hands. (London: Printed for Jacob Tonson, 1704). <Link to Google Books>
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