"The Body is the socket of the Soul."

— Ray [formerly Wray], John (1627-1705)

Place of Publication
Printed by John Hayes for W. Morden
1670, rev. 1678
"The Body is the socket of the Soul."
Metaphor in Context
He that blows in the dust fills his eyes.
The Body is the socket of the Soul.
It's easy to bowl down hill.
Brabbling currs never want sore ears.
The brain that sows not corn plants thistles.
The Ass that brays most eats least.
Wotild you have better bread than is made of wheat? Ital.
Bread with eyes, and cheese without eyes. Hisp. Ital.
To beg breeches of a bare ars'd man.
As I brew so I must drink.
(p. 3)
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Ray, John. A Collection of English Proverbs Digested into a Convenient Method for the Speedy Finding Any One upon Occasion: with Short Annotations (Cambridge: Printed by John Hayes for W. Morden, 1678). <Link to EEBO><Link to Google Books edition of 1768>
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