"A mirk mirrour is a man's mind."

— Ray [formerly Wray], John (1627-1705)

Place of Publication
Printed by John Hayes for W. Morden
1670, rev. 1678
"A mirk mirrour is a man's mind."
Metaphor in Context
As many heads as many wits.
A blind man should not judge of colours.
As the old cock craws, the young cock leares.
A skabbed horse is good enough for a scald squire.
A mirk mirrour is a man's mind.
As meikle up with, as meikledown with.
An ill shearer gat never a good hook.
A tarrowing bairne was never fat.
A good cow may have an ill calf.
A cock is crouse in his own midding.
A new bissome soupes clean.
As fair sights wranes as cranes.
A yelt sow was never good to gryses.
As the carle riches he wretches.
A fool when he lies spoken hes all done.
An old feck craves meikle clouting.
An old feck is ay skailing.
A fair fire makes a room fiet.
An old knave is na bairne.
A good yeaman makes a good woman.
A man hath no more good than he hath good of.
A fool may give a wise man a counsel.
A man may speir the gate to Rome.
As long lives the merry man as the wretch for all the craft he can.
(p. 280)
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Ray, John. A Collection of English Proverbs Digested into a Convenient Method for the Speedy Finding Any One upon Occasion: with Short Annotations (Cambridge: Printed by John Hayes for W. Morden, 1678). <Link to EEBO><Link to Google Books edition of 1768>
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