Each "mind [is] like a little divinity in its own realm."

— Leibniz, Gottfried Wilhelm (1646-1716)

Each "mind [is] like a little divinity in its own realm."
Metaphor in Context
83. Among other differences which exist between ordinary souls and minds some of which I have already noted, there are also the following: that souls, in general, are living mirrors or images of the universe of creatures, but that minds are also images of the divinity itself, or of the author of nature, capable of knowing the system of the universe, and imitating something of it through their schematic representations of it, (sec. 147).
(p. 223)
Leibniz, G. W. Philosophical Essays. Ed. and Trans. Roger Ariew and Daniel Garber. Indianapolis and Cambridge: Hackett Publishing Co., 1989.
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