"'Know then, I cannot from my breast expel / 'A strong Impression fated there to dwell"

— Crabbe, George (1754-1832)

"'Know then, I cannot from my breast expel / 'A strong Impression fated there to dwell"
Metaphor in Context
"Then [hear]--and know I own thee for a friend; "And my Confession thy Suspense shall end. "Know then, I cannot from my breast expel "A strong Impression fated there to dwell; "Time but confirms it, and the pain it brings "Proves that it lives, for it has life that stings. "Ere yet my Father knew this Load of Wealth, "And my lov'd Sisters shar'd my Views in Health, "A Youth address'd me--I prefer'd him then; "But I was warn'd of the Designs of Men. "His Views in Life were humble, he confest; "But this . . ., nor could it be suppress'd. "In him 'twas policy to win the Truth; "And then I fear'd the fickle Soul of Youth. "Yet, [though] rejected, he was ever near, "And uninvited--let me own it, dear! "My parents doubted; I was urged to prove "The Heart I valued, [ere] I own'd the love. "My Sister only was his friend; she knew-- "So love persuades--that one so brave was true; "For he was brave and had in battle shown "That War and Danger had familiar grown. "An Hero's favourite Nymph the poet sings, "But Heroes' Widows are neglected Things.-- "Thus, while Affection shone with Fear, an Hour "Arrived to prove his patience and my power. "For an offence so trifling, that one day "Had swept the memory of the Crime away, "In spleen, in spite, in folly I reprov'd "And banish'd from my Sight the Man I lov'd! "[His] purpos'd visit in the morn I knew, "And bore in mind my purpos'd pardon too. "''Tis a last trial,' to my Heart I said; "'When [he returns], thy Will shall be obey'd.' "Ah! my kind Friend, remember, in thy Woes, "No Self-reproach forbids thy Soul repose! "But I detain thee; would I had detain'd "The Man my Folly, but not solely, pain'd! "Ere that return a sudden order bore "My Godfrey hence, and he return'd no more. "Dear Suffering Youth, forgive me; I lament "A Man to Misery by my Humour sent; "Doomed to rude War, sore Wounds, and long Imprisonment! "How has he curs'd the fickle Mind! how long "Brooded in Anguish o'er the causeless Wrong! ". . .--or now perhaps a foreign Grave "Holds one so dear, so tender and so brave! "Nay, give thy Pardon; did'st thou not implore "The frank Confession? I will add no more. "Choose thou a virgin Heart, nor now behold "This face of Calmness with a bosom cold-- "Cold to new Love and, while my Life shall last, "Hopeless of Joy and dwelling in the past! "Tho' he returns not, justice bids me fly "Thy prayer; thy Hand 'tis Honour to deny; "And oh! if yet I might my Visions trust, "And he returns, Love, tell me to be just!"
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