"A head of wax should never court the sun."

— Wolcot, John, pseud. Peter Pindar, (1738-1819)

Place of Publication
Printed by W. and C. Spilsbury
"A head of wax should never court the sun."
Metaphor in Context
List to the oracles I now advance--
  A man stark blind should never races run;
A cripple never should pretend to dance;
  A head of wax should never court the sun.

Then bid Miss Hannah More her pen confine:
  Repress the vainly rhiming, prosing rage,
That makes us sinful damn the nerveless line,
  Un-Job-like curse the pen'ry of the page.
Searching "wax" and "head" in HDIS (Poetry); confirmed in ECCO.
3 entries in ESTC (1799, 1800).

See Nil Admirari; or, a Smile at a Bishop; Occasioned by an Hyperbolical Eulogy on Miss Hannah More, by Dr. Porteus, in His Late Charge to the Clergy. Also, Expostulation; or, an Address to Miss Hannah More. Miss Hannah Has No Eagle Wing to Flee, Whom Thus Thine Adulation Would Besool; Alas! a Poor Ephemeren Is She; a Bumming Native of a Bristol Pool. Likewise, Duplicity, or the Bishop; and Simplicity, or the Curate: a Pair of Tales. Moreover, an Ode to the Blue-Stocking-Club. and, Finally, an Ode to Some Robin Red-Breasts in a Country Cathedral. to Which Is Prefixed, an Engraving of the Author. By Peter Pindar, Esq. (London: Printed by W. and C. Spilsbury, Snow-Hill, for West and Hughes, No 40, Paternoster-Row, and sold by all the Booksellers, 1799). <Link to ESTC>

Text from The Works of Peter Pindar, 4 vols. (London: Printed for Walker and Edwards, 1816).
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