"And Truth's white bosom stampt with falsehood's stain!"

— Robinson [Née Darby], Mary [Perdita] (1758-1800)

Place of Publication
1793, 1806
"And Truth's white bosom stampt with falsehood's stain!"
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Who can reflect, nor drop the tenderest tear
On the dread progress of thy fate severe!
Hurl'd from the loftiest height of human bliss,
To the worst horrors of Despair's abyss!
To bear th' insulting cruelty of those
Who, from thy subjects, to thy tyrants rose!
Tore thy pale darlings from thy panting breast,
And made maternal woes the rabble's jest;
The bonds of wedded virtue rent in twain,
And Truth's white bosom stampt with falsehood's stain!
Denied the decent aid of female hands!
No kind domestics wait thy meek commands!
On a straw pallet, in a dungeon laid--
By all suspected, and by all betray'd!
Yet, midst the tortures of the direful plan,
Which thrills with horror through the breast of man,
Not all the rage of Hell's abhorr'd decree
Could force one supplicating tear from thee!
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Text from The Poetical Works of the Late Mrs Mary Robinson: Including Many Pieces Never Before Published. 3 vols. (London: Printed for Richard Phillips, 1806). <Link to vol. I in Google Books><Vol. II><Vol. III>

See Monody to the Memory of the late Queen of France. By Mrs. Mary Robinson. (London: Printed by T. Spilsbury and Son, Snow-Hill; and sold by J. Evans, No. 32, Paternoster-Row; and T. Becket Pall-Mall, 1793). <Link to Google Books>
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