"'Th' woes imagination broaches / 'Drive through my brain like mourning coaches."

— Huddesford, George (bap. 1749, d. 1809)

Place of Publication
Printed for J. Wright
"'Th' woes imagination broaches / 'Drive through my brain like mourning coaches."
Metaphor in Context
"Ah Sirs, though Fox is my cognomen,
"I'm an old Bird of evil omen!--
"And, while I croak, could you survey
"My soul, 'tis lin'd with raven grey:
"Th' woes imagination broaches
"Drive through my brain like mourning coaches.

"Our Club-room looks like Pluto's hall,
"And Whigs like Undertakers all!!
"This domineering Treasury Lad
"Will drive me melancholy mad;
"And yet, Sirs, I'm no pining fellow
"Whose melancholy 's green and yellow,
"Mine 's made of Opposition stuff,
"Right melancholy Blue and Buff.
"Upon a monumental pile
"Patience at Grief may sit and smile,
"But I'm content with seat more humble,
"Upon this chair I'll sit and grumble:
"Nor shall concealment wear my soul,
"Nor feed on my brown-damask jowl:
"Nor me shall scare restrictive laws
"From toasting Freedom's desp'rate cause,
"Exil'd France, Switzerland, and Poland,
"Asylum she can find in no land!
"Here, should the Red Cap grace her crown,
"Pitt o'er her visage pulls it down,
"And ties her up in her own garters,
"As he has down her Irish Martyrs.
"Sure, to make traitors bite the dust is
"The very climax of injustice!
"Our honest Whigs, he'll ne'er enlist 'em
"To militate for such a system,
"To white-wash--who so roundly swore--
"Erin's Apostate Blackamoor.
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See Crambe Repetita, a Second Course of Bubble and Squeak, or British Beef Galli-Maufry’d: With a Devil’d Biscuit or Two to Help Digestion and "Close the Orifice of the Stomach." By the Author of Topsy-Turvy, Salmagundi, &c. (London: Printed for J. Wright, opposite Old Bond Street, Piccadilly. And sold by J. White, Fleet Street; W. Richardson, Royal Exchange; and J. P. Bateman, Devonshire Street, Queen’s Square, Entered at Stationers Hall, 1799).
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