One may be "banished ... not only from [another's] heart, but from all share of empire"

— Noehden, Georg Heinrich (1770-1826) and John Stoddart (1773-1856)

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Printed for W. Miller
One may be "banished ... not only from [another's] heart, but from all share of empire"
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May the Almighty judge of that! You banished me not only from your heart, but from all share of empire. Until this day--Oh! was that kind or just?--I, the Prince of Spain, was but a stranger, a prisoner in the country over which I shall hereafter rule.--How oft, how oft, my father, have I blushed when from the ambassadors of foreign states, or from general report, I learnt the proceedings of your court! I concealed my feelings beneath affected levity. "The King," said I, "conducts his government with secresy; he prepares for his beloved son a joyful surprise upon his coronation."
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Don Carlos, Prince Royal of Spain: An Historical Drama, from the German of Frederick Schiller, Author of the Robbers, Fiesco, Cabal and Love, &c. By the translators of Fiesco. (London: Printed for W. Miller, Old Bond Street, 1798). <Link to ESTC>
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