Griefs may "alternate o'er the bosom reign"

— Blacklock, Thomas (1721-1791)

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1754, 1793
Griefs may "alternate o'er the bosom reign"
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Once fair she flourish'd, nature's joy and pride,
But droop'd and wither'd, when a father dy'd.
Severe extremes of tenderness and woe,
When love and virtue mourn one common blow;
When griefs alternate o'er the bosom reign,
And ev'ry sense, and ev'ry thought is pain!
Here nature triumph'd, on her throne sublime,
And mock'd each pigmy muse of later time;
Till Shakespeare touch'd the soul with all her smart,
And stamp'd her living image on the heart.
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See Poems on Several Occasions. By Thomas Blacklock, Student of Philosophy in the University of Edinburgh. (Edinburgh: Printed by Hamilton, Balfour and Neill, 1754). <Link to ECCO>

Text from Poems by the Late Reverend Dr. Thomas Blacklock; Together With an Essay on the Education of the Blind. To Which Is Prefixed a New Account of the Life and Writings of the Author. (Edinburgh: Printed by Alexander Chapman and Company; sold by W. Creech, Edinburgh, and T. Cadell, London, 1793). <Link to ESTC>
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