Love of news may be a master-passion

— Crabbe, George (1754-1832)

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Printed for J. Dodsley
1785, 1838
Love of news may be a master-passion
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So charm the News; but we, who far from town
Wait till the postman brings the packet down,
Once in the week, a vacant day behold,
And stay for tidings, till they're three days old:
That day arrives; no welcome post appears,
But the dull morn a sullen aspect wears:
We meet, but ah! without our wonted smile,
To talk of headachs, and complain of bile;
Sullen we ponder o'er a dull repast,
Nor feast the body while the mind must fast.

A master-passion is the love of news,
Not music so commands, nor so the Muse:
Give poets claret, they grow idle soon;
Feed the musician, and he's out of tune;
But the sick mind, of this disease possess'd,
Flies from all cure, and sickens when at rest.
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See The News-Paper: a Poem. By The Reverend George Crabbe, Chaplain to His Grace the Duke of Rutland. (London: Printed for J. Dodsley, in Pall-Mall, 1785). <Link to ESTC>

Text from Text from The Poetical Works of the Rev. George Crabbe: With His Letters and Journals, and His Life, by His Son. In Eight Volumes. (London: John Murray, 1838). <Link to LION>
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