Fancy may "mount the rapid Car, / And Judgement hold the Reins"

— Whyte, Samuel (1733-1811)

Place of Publication
Printed by R. Marchbank
Fancy may "mount the rapid Car, / And Judgement hold the Reins"
Metaphor in Context
    Come, then, O come, and bring along
       With thee, thy whole celestial Train;
    Fair Truth, to grace the moral Song;
       And Elegance, that loves the Plain:
    Let frolic Nature too be there,
       While Art her Flight restrains;
    Let Fancy mount the rapid Car,
       And Judgement hold the Reins:
    Let Eloquence her Beauties join;
    And Wit her softer Charm combine:
    Let Sense with Sweetness, too, conspire;
    And female Ease with manly Fire:
    Let bright Invention's magic Sway
    Wake airy Nothings into Day;
    And Memory, Goddess heavenly-born,
    Bid Times long past again return:
    Haste, then, O haste thee from the Skies;
       And teach me all thy Art to move,
By secret Springs to bid the Passions rise,
  Swell'd into Rage, or soften'd into Love.
5 entries in the ESTC (1773, 1774, 1772, 1782).

See The Shamrock: or, Hibernian Cresses. A Collection of Poems, Songs, Epigrams, &c. Latin as well as English, The Original Production of Ireland. (Dublin: Printed by R. Marchbank, 1772). <Link to ECCO> <Link to 1774 edition in Google Books>
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