"A Mind is a balance for thousands a year."

— Dodd, William (1729-1777)

Place of Publication
Printed by Dryden Leach
"A Mind is a balance for thousands a year."
Metaphor in Context
"Hold, Thomas, said William, too fast you proceed,
"You take but one side of the question indeed:
"Suppose me of power to say to yourself,
"Here, presto, Sir Murmurer, change with that elf:
"Give to him, what I gave you, Refinement of Soul,
"Sense, Feeling, Discernment, Wit, Taste,--quit the whole:
"In an instant, come take his ten thousands,--vile pence--
"Be him, such a dolt, without Feeling or Sense."
You hesitate, Tom--"My good friend, he reply'd,
"I feel, I am wrong; you have truth on your side:
"The Deity, henceforth, I'll thank and revere--
"A Mind is a balance for thousands a year."
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William Dodd, Poems, by Dr. Dodd (London: Printed by Dryden Leach, 1767). <Link to Google Books>
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