Dimples may make an absolute conquest of some man's heart

— Scott [née Robinson], Sarah (1720-1795)

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Printed for A. Millar, [etc.]
Dimples may make an absolute conquest of some man's heart
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But there was another house which had still stronger attractions for Mr. Ellison. Mr. Blackburn delighted his understanding, but Miss Allin captivated his heart. I have told my readers she was very handsome, but perhaps they will expect a more particular description of the woman that could charm a man who had preserved his reason in defiance of the whole sex till the age of thirty five. Miss Allin, though above the general height, could scarcely be called a tall woman, was elegantly formed, and extremely genteel; her motions, though entirely unstudied, were peculiarly graceful; and her hands so fine, that they had no small share in the admiration she excited; yet, her face alone had sufficient attractions without the assistance of the rest of her person. Her features were regular and beautiful; her eyes, of the darkest blue, at every glance beamed forth sweetness and sense; equally penetrating and tender, they seemed to tell all they beheld that she could discover their faults, but could likewise forgive them; her nose was after the Grecian model; her mouth beautiful to excess, the shape was perfect, her lips of the finest red, and her teeth could not be equalled. Her complexion extremely fine, clear as alabaster, and heightened with a gentle blooming red in her cheeks, sufficient to animate her countenance, without lessening the delicacy of it; the shape of her face was oval, her hair of the finest brown. But it is not in the power of features or complexion to constitute beauty equal to hers; that could be compleated only by the dimples which gave a thousand graces to every smile; and by the sweetness they diffused over her countenance, made an absolute conquest of Mr. Ellison's heart, which felt itself at unison with all the tender benignity her expressive countenance denoted.
(pp. 144-6)
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