"[N]o Sentence so severe / As this, my Mind, much less my Paper, stains"

— Duncombe, John (1729-1786) [Editor]

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Printed for R. and J. Dodsley [etc.]
"[N]o Sentence so severe / As this, my Mind, much less my Paper, stains"
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If Mention of Petillius' Theft is made,
While you are by, you strait, as usual, plead
His Cause. 'I with his Friendship have been blest,
'Ev'n from his Childhood; and, at my Request,
'He did me many a Favour. I rejoice
'To see him safe, but wonder how the Voice
'Of Justice could acquit him.' Envy's Weed
Thus shoots unseen, and choaks fair Friendship's Seed.
But for myself to answer, I declare,
With solemn Truth, no Sentence so severe
As this, my Mind, much less my Paper, stains.

But you'll not wonder if in freer Strains
I rally Vice: Since thus my Sire his Son
Instructed by Example, how to shun
The Shelves, on which the Dissolute were lost:
When he advis'd me how to make the most
Of all that he could leave me, he would cry,
'Mark Albius' Son! see Barus' Misery!
'Shun their Profusion, if their Fate you dread.'
To warn me from the Harlot's dangerous Bed,
He only would repeat Sectanus' Name:
And that I should not court the wedded Dame,
When I with lawful Pleasures might be blest,
'Trebonius's Detection was no Jest.
'The Grounds of Good and Evil, when you grow
'To riper Years, Philosophers will show;
'Enough for me, Youth's Ardour to restrain
'By our wise Fathers' Precepts; and maintain
'Your Life unsully'd, and your Fame secure,
'While you a Tutor need; when once mature
'In Age you grow, you'll safely walk alone.'
Such tender Care was by my Father shown!
And that his Words due Influence might receive,
'Like such a Man, he cry'd, respected live!'
Then to deter me, 'Can you hope to claim,
'By Deeds like these, a good and virtuous Name?
'If so, that Convict place before your Eyes,
'Whom all that know, abandon and despise.'
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The Works of Horace in English verse. By several Hands. Collected and published by Mr. Duncombe. With notes Historical and Critical, 2 vols. (London: R. and J. Dodsley, 1757)<Link to ECCO>
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