Had only heaven "stamp'd Omniscience on thy weaker Soul"

— Masters, Mary (1694-1771)

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Had only heaven "stamp'd Omniscience on thy weaker Soul"
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Forbear vain Man, give these re-searches o'er,
Nor what thou can'st not comprehend explore!
Why wou'dst thou know what Nature has forbid?
Why seek those Depths, which lye in Darkness hid?
Why wou'dst thou soar on weak Icarian wings,
And rashly pry into mysterious Things?
Impartial Heav'n, if Heav'n had thought it right!
Had laid all Nature open to thy Sight:
Had stamp'd Omniscience on thy weaker Soul,
And thou hadst known the Fabric of the whole.
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Only 1 entry in ESTC (1755).

Familiar Letters and Poems on Several Occasions. by Mary Masters. (London: Printed for the author, by D. Henry and R. Cave, 1755). <Link to ESTC>
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