One may propose a tour in order to conquer a passion and establish his health

— Richardson, Samuel (bap. 1689, d. 1761)

Place of Publication
Printed for S. Richardson; And Sold by C. Hitch and L. Hawes
[1753] 1754
One may propose a tour in order to conquer a passion and establish his health
Metaphor in Context
Fowler, Mr. addresses Miss Byron, i. 35. His character from her, i. 37. Visits her with Sir Rowland Meredith his uncle, i. 97 to 108. Despairs, i. 109. Plan of the tour which he proposes to take, in order to conquer his passion, and establish his health, ii. 1. Carries a generous letter to her from Sir Rowland, iv. 207. Her kind behaviour to him, and pity of him, iv. 209, 210. [See Miss Byron, vol. iv.] Desires to visit her once more, vi. 46. Goes to Bristol for his health, vii. 5. Visits, with his uncle, Sir Charles Grandison, and his Lady, at Grandison-hall; and pays a handsome compliment to the merit of Sir Charles, vii. 58. His uncle's proposal of marriage for him (but without his participation) with Miss Lucy Selby, vii. 60, 61. Lady Grandison's favourable opinion of him, with regard to her cousin Lucy, vii. 71. 74.
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See The History of Sir Charles Grandison. In a Series of Letters Published from the Originals, by the Editor of Pamela and Clarissa. In Seven Volumes. (London: Printed for S. Richardson; and sold by C. Hitch and L. Hawes, in Pater-noster Row; by J. and J. Rivington, in St. Paul’s Church-Yard; by Andrew Millar, in the Strand; by R. and J. Dodsley, in Pall-Mall; and by J. Leake, at Bath, 1754). <Link to ESTC><Link to Vol. 1 ECCO-TCP><Vol. 2><Vol. 3><Vol. 4><Vol. 5><Vol. 6><Vol. 7>
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