One may have a hole in their heart "thro' which one may run one's head"

— Richardson, Samuel (bap. 1689, d. 1761)

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Printed for S. Richardson; And Sold by C. Hitch and L. Hawes
[1753] 1754
One may have a hole in their heart "thro' which one may run one's head"
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The Doctor is with us. Aunt Nell is in love with him. He ordered his matters, and came to town at Lady L's request and mine, and Beauchamp's, that we might the sooner come at my brother's Letters-- Very obliging! --Beauchamp worships the good man. He would have been with him at Grandison-Hall, but that Sir Harry and Lady Beauchamp knew not how to part with him: And I fansy another slier reason with-held him, half unknown to himself. Love is certainly creeping into his heart. This Emily! a little rogue! has already (yet suspects it not) made a conquest. He deserves her better than any man I know: She him, had she not already a great hole in her heart, thro' which one may run one's head. But does not Beauchamp love the same person as much as she can do? And does he not know, that the girl is innocent, and the man virtuous, even, as I believe, to chastity? --Dear Harriet! Don't let the Ladies around you, nor the Gentlemen neither, hear this grace supposed to be my brother's. Nobody about us shall for me. I would not have my brother made the jest of one Sex, and the aversion of the other; and be thought so singular a young man.
(pp. 44-5)
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See The History of Sir Charles Grandison. In a Series of Letters Published from the Originals, by the Editor of Pamela and Clarissa. In Seven Volumes. (London: Printed for S. Richardson; and sold by C. Hitch and L. Hawes, in Pater-noster Row; by J. and J. Rivington, in St. Paul’s Church-Yard; by Andrew Millar, in the Strand; by R. and J. Dodsley, in Pall-Mall; and by J. Leake, at Bath, 1754). <Link to ESTC><Link to Vol. 1 ECCO-TCP><Vol. 2><Vol. 3><Vol. 4><Vol. 5><Vol. 6><Vol. 7>
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