Inspiration "lifts the Heart on Raptures all refin'd, / And leaves its mortal Dross far, far behind"

— Jones, Henry (1721-1770)

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Printed for R. and J. Dodsley
Inspiration "lifts the Heart on Raptures all refin'd, / And leaves its mortal Dross far, far behind"
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Rise, Inspiration! Goddess of those Cells
Where Fancy fledges, and where Genius dwells;
Reveal, at once, thy mystic Stores to Sight,
Thy World-creating Force, thy wond'rous Light,
Which lifts the Heart on Raptures all refin'd,
And leaves its mortal Dross far, far behind
Those sordid Dregs that damp th'Ætherial Wing,
Which else above the Stars to Heav'n would spring;
Its native Home--from whence all MERITS flow,
That Angels love, and Mortals reach below:
The Patriot's stedfast Soul, his firm Design;
The Priest's unblemish'd Warmth, his Plan Divine;
The Lawyer's honest Heart, the titled Truth,
In[1] Singleton's Decline, in[2] Caufield's Youth;
The polish'd Worth in[3] Greenvill's Soul we find,
In[4] Jocelyn's Justice, and in[5] Mountney's Mind;
Where Station stoops to Friendship's holy Tie,
Where Friendship lifts that Station still more high.
Shall Waldegrave's Worth adorn the grateful Line?
Waldegrave, in Senates, form'd, and Courts, to shine.
Tho' rais'd by Virtue, Birth, and Pow'r, on high,
He stoops, still gracious, like the bending Sky;
To low Desert indulgent and serene,
Grace in his Smile, and Goodness in his Mien.
Distinguish'd Chief whom Britain plac'd so near
Her Hope, her Bliss, and all she holds most dear;
Her rising Glory, and her guiding Star;
In Peace her Pillar, and her Shield in War:
Illustrious Youth, in whose propitious Face,
The princely Virtues dawn of all thy Race;
Thy god-like Race, by Heav'n itself design'd,
The Friends of Freedom, Truth, and Human Kind.
I see the rising Years, in white Array,
At distant Periods, wait thy promis'd Sway:
Lo, Time exults; and in his joyful Train,
Behold the Blessings of a Brunswick's Reign!
See smiling Peace her Olive Branch extends,
See busy Commerce on her Step attends;
Her Flag aloft by Britain's Genius borne;
See wanton Plenty pour her teeming Horn;
See ruddy Health, with naked Bosom bound,
See warlike Vigour drink the martial Sound;
From Pole to Pole see GEORGE's Thunder fly,
Whilst Ocean's Trident at his Feet shall lie.
Now Taste shall thrive, now Arts sublime shall soar,
Now ev'ry Science teem with ev'ry Lore.
Proud Sculptors there eternal Trophies show,
See Painting here in Heavenly Visions glow;
Athens shall yield to Britain now the Prize,
And Rome, through Envy, turn aside her Eyes;
The World shall wonder, Gallia's self shall gaze,
And Lewis' less than GEORGE's glory praise.
True Heroes now and Patriots shall appear,
Like my Tyrawley lov'd, to Taste still dear,
One Hand the Pen, and one shall wield the Spear.
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Henry Jones, Merit. A Poem: Inscribed to the Right Honourable Philip Earl of Chesterfield. By Mr. Henry Jones, Author of the Earl of Essex (London: Printed for R. and J. Dodsley, 1753). <Link to ECCO>
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